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Name:Reneé LeBeau || Earth-3490
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America

Real Name: Reneé Elaine LeBeau
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 148lbs
Eyes: Red on Black
Hair: Brown
Group Affiliation: Formerly X-Men; none current
Mutant Abilities: Charges an object with kinetic energy and releases this energy explosively on impact or after a predetermined length of time. Also has the ability to hypnotically "charm" people. Has a natural ability to block telepaths, be it a side effect of her other powers or another that has not been disclosed. Exceptional agility and endurance due to being charged with bio-kinetic energy.
Power Level: Alpha

Reneé LeBeau was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was kidnapped from the hospital and raised by the Thieves Guild. Jean-Luc LeBeau, patriarch of the guild, took the girl off the streets and adopted her into his own family.

Reneé's bio-kinetic charging abilities manifested early in her teens, although she kept her powers secret from her family and friends, practicing them away from prying eyes.

After her exile from New Orleans, she wandered the world and became a master thief, making many contacts (and quite a few enemies). During this period, Gambit (as she had taken to calling herself) found that she had an uncontrollable amount of energy flowing through her body. Desperate, she sought out Mr. Sinister. Sinister modified her powers, making her less powerful, but able to fully control her mutant abilities

The Mun does not speak any of the languages that Remy does and thus all that comes from online translators. Do feel free to correct me on any errors you find. Also, the mun is not Cajun, thus Gambit's accent is completely pieced together from reading the comics over and over. Please do excuse any inconsistencies.

As you may have guessed, I am not Gambit. Nor do I own the concept of him/her in any way. All rights belong to Marvel Comics. PB is the lovely Kate Beckinsale.

If you need to contact me or Reneé for any reason, you may do so at the link provided below or in a PM.

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